Poetry: Replete In This Dream

Sultry siren softly whispers in night
sweetly singing her hypnotic score
echoes keep my heart from fright
logic dispelled and so much more.

Goddess of my dreams drifts near
an erotic chant swirls arousing me
swift this embrace ignore my fear
lovely soft milky nakedness I see.

Creature of loving urge draws near
trembling my hot arousal screams
sighing gently a mesmerizing stare
her touch hot thunder so it seems.

Breathing her rapturous flowers in
hug gently caress her bosoms bare
ease into a trance dance hot within
wet liquid silk as I touch her there.

Fervent sighs soft passionate chants
molten lust lava ebbs slow from she
quivering siren so breathlessly pants
“enter majesty so set passion free.”

Crimson loins delirious white heat
bodies embracing anxiously sweet
hot opiates deed hypnotizes again
sublimely serene subsides so then

never again suffer one lonely day
replete in this dream we shall stay
to love eternal and flow with lust
divine together ever stay we must.


I Would Love Your Thoughts!

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