Higher Power: Our Holy Temple


What are you putting in your temple today?

The apostle Paul tells us that our bodies are made for worship as a place where God lives, as vessels where the Holy Spirit dwells.  The problems come up because we don’t believe this about ourselves.

God sees us as holy--a word we do not often use to describe ourselves.  It matters what we allow to come inside our “temples.”

When we participate in unhealthy eating, drinking, entertainment, and relationships, we are choosing to defile God’s temple and tarnish our vessel.  Having this perspective on our bodies, minds, and hearts may help make better choices.  We can honor God in our bodies if we see ourselves as his temple.

Today, consider what you eat, what you watch, where you go.  Do they honor and build up your temple for God’s glory?”

CHALLENGE:  Take some time to research, or better yet practice, healthier habits or better alternatives.

I Would Love Your Thoughts!

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