Spirituality For The Day: You Are


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12 comments on “Spirituality For The Day: You Are”

  1. When I read this going across my screen as soon as I came on I admit I felt a little better. (Tell anyone that I fell for this kind of sh*t and I will say I accidentally took an extra Adderall or the dog’s Epilepsy pill by accident) Kidding aside, normally my brain turns to static when I try to read motivational material but this I could handle. Probably because of the style it was done in and that would be for my short attention span. Thank you for easing my headache.

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    1. Lmao, I have been actually wondering if my blog had turned a bit too postive for you lately–I’m being totally serious. I actually changed my Spirituality of the Day posts to more sanguine posts, rather than the pom pom types. So yes, I can’t tell you how happy I am that you actually “liked” this. You made my day. I do think of you often, just so you know. And I nearly spit my coffee out when you mentioned the dog’s epilespy medicine, omfg!!

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      1. I thought you might like that. It is your right to BE POSITIVE!! And that means in a way that you want to be regardless of anyone else. I still read them I just read them a little faster lol As long as it works for YOU I’m happy!

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        1. Yes, but I share your opinion of the positivity thing. I am mindful that I also hate when someone tells me to feel one way, when I am feeling another. Or all the “should and shouldn’ts” So I try to be mindful of that when I write and speak only my own truth. I post the AA stuff because it’s part of my recovery, but there are MANY days when I am like “Oh fuck off with all this Acceptance & Gratitude shit.” But I know I have to change my thinking to change my behavior and to stay in recovery. I am still working on finding the balance.

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          1. Everyone has their own way. There isn’t ONE way. My brother in law has stayed sober for uhhh I know it’s been over a year at least by attending AA and having 2 sponsors (I don’t how it helps to have a sponsor who lives in L.A. and is on tour right now but whatever) my dad and I are the same in that we did it on our own. My dad never tried to get sober at any point in his drinking until the day he just decided to quit! To me that’s a lot of his problem. I at least tried many other programs and relapsed before finally achieving years of remission. It’s what works for you.

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            1. I completely agree. While I love the concepts in the Big Book and the new Twenty-Four Hours a Day book, I won’t be doing all the steps, doing 90 meetings in 90 days or getting a sponsor. My one experience years ago with a sponsor was a joke. Never again.

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            1. Join in nany time. My blog is open to all discussions my friend. That’s why I write! And I LOVE when a discussion gets going. Anyone can just click on “like” and move along. I thrive on feedback and learn a great deal from others. So, NEVER shy away from giving me your thoughts, good, bad or indifferent. Okey dokey?

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                1. I am glad you could relate. And just because you only post Bible verses, doesn’t mean you aren’t 1,000% welcome to post your thoughts, opinions and feelings. Always


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