process on justruminating men's blogthe day comes when breath
heaves once and is gone
decrease of uprising
morosely easing into…

and then the stark vision
of darkness and shapes
aged in a centruy until
dust to know the earth again

to where it flies and splashes
harmoniously spins neatly
joins the awesome pulse grasps
knowledge ebbs slowly inward

unknown there save newer
land tilled and weeded again
damp magnificent space and
then again co-joined reality

strengthened mightily one
time in timeless beauty
breathing in and screaming
out until it pulses again

this is nature’s law without
restrictions this is life
kissing death in unison

32 comments on “Process”

    1. Thanks man, I appreciate it, the dust is coming off slowly. Of course, I’m always looking for something that makes me sit back in my chair and smile…like you must do every day lol.

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            1. Not convinced I need it now to be honest with you. But I’m going with the flow until I get at least a year under my belt. It is only dulling my senses, but I’ll go with it for now.

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