Could You Know Only To Go Of All Time

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could on justruminating men's blogOf a time to go dancing are we just prancing
happy then are crying tired or just sighing
spending our days figuring everyone’s ways.

All of time to go, only you could know

Of a time to go moving say what are we proving
singing our love songs we’re doing no wrongs
in a day of a dine drink of whiskey or wine.

All of time could know, only you to go

Of a time to moan what has the reaper sown
dragging the lake then only to remember when
stooping so low no one hears the birds crow.

All of time could go, only you to know

Of a time to weep do waves run so deep
chanting meaningless words watching our herds
then at the stop of a clock we are willing to mock.

To know all of time, could you only go.

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