A Thousand Times Over


thousand times over on justruminating men's blog

A very special girl I didn’t know how to love in 1985: (and the best smelling girl I ever knew!)

We met up
in the hallway
my fear
landed on your lips.

Trembling in thoughts
shifting from your
eyes that told me
we were done.

Molasses words
suffocated young
tongues those hands
so soft, so warm
so distant.

In this scene
this final act
your scent erased
any thoughts

A Half-hearted smile
as leaves scattered
so many opposites to
the carnation
in your hair.

And in those tail lights
those bloody globes
a thousand times
regret would never
replace the loss.


23 comments on “A Thousand Times Over”

  1. there’s something about scent that lingers and conjures up a specific memory – I asked him for his t-shirt once – to leave it when he was leaving so I could have him a little longer and he packed all his unwashed clothes and threw them in the bonfire but I remember how he smells when I look at my pillow – and that’s all I have to say about scents – I am sure you still remember her scent the same way too.

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    1. Yes indeed. Scent of my last ex I hated her perfume, loathed it. But if the scent is right the feelings created can be incredibly powerful. And that guy is a bastard for that. That’s just mean😠

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      1. Well it hurts when you place a lot of hope on some one and they don’t hold on to the dream long enough for you to get to where your plans lay. Scent plays a huge role with me – I am melancholy like that, certain music or smells can make me – well not happy.

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