Silken Kingdom


pantyThis sexy silken kingdom
which guards your chastity…

Oh, that I might conquer it
to revel in your majesty!

Sweet scents heaven sent
cower deep behind this veil.

Futile hot resistance grows
yet fervent lust will prevail.

To journey forth beyond it
an odyssey of sensuality.

To vanquish this silky foe
an obvious eventuality.

It’s your soul and passion
I fight valiantly to gain.

Banished all your will now
for an eternity I shall reign.

Lord of this lovely land
juices flowing by my hand.

Lady of my tortured lust
my love to you I do entrust.

30 comments on “Silken Kingdom”

      1. It’s good, your style is different and seems to draw inspiration from a more classical poetry than mine. I am contemplating taking the picture you have posted and writing a version in my voice informed by your poem. Need to carve out quiet time this week, though. As for ego and poetry, we can be our own worst enemies. That is the unwritten narrative behind my letter to writers block I posted. We just gotta sit down and write, often what we right will be shit, but that’s okay. It’s all part of the process. Having written a lot throughout my life, I enjoy going back to things I got stuck on or even thought were done, and hear fresh and often new things in them. Been also working on a blog post in my head about my writing process… again for that quiet time!

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        1. Thanks for your thoughts. I do tend toward shakespeare and also the romantic for my inspiration. But I also like wordsworth, Cummings play and wolf as well. Actually I like a lot of them lol. But particularly the Romantics

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