My Daily Thought: My Gut


wp-1485751247123.jpgAny time I have ignored my “gut”, it has not ended well.  Today, I will listen to what my gut tells me and act accordingly.

24 comments on “My Daily Thought: My Gut”

  1. Other than poetry do you create anything else? I’m working on poetry on my journal right now too, we should collaborate on something. I’ll be checking back in to read somemore of your new poetry.

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  2. Ah yes. I thoroughly believe that we have these senses that we don’t understand fully but that often manifest as gut feelings. Never ignore your gut. I hope you have a great day.

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  3. A lot of poker players felt that the more often you “clicked on the time bank” while making a decision, the more likely you were to make an incorrect one. Go with your gut Rob! When its wrong the gut will be strengthened for the next time!

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    1. Yes dear…lmao, just kidding. Did Victoria tell you were getting married? Yup, she’s it. I told her I would tell you. Oh, and she lives nearby, what are the chances of that? Haha😉

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