Tomb Of A Room


check please on justruminating men's blogI’m thoroughly surprised
you chose the brocade
over chiffon
my dear
poking at the
only serves to show
insolence and ignorance
and the violins
give me
such a headache
such a migraine
jacketed like a
caterpillar in it’s
cocoon it’s
no wonder
it’s difficult to
breath in this
stagnant setting
this tomb of a
room we share
but you knew
before the steaks
were cut that
even the open
window wouldn’t
clear this air
didn’t you?

35 comments on “Tomb Of A Room”

    1. Let’s me frank, it kinda sucks lol. But I haven’t written a poem in awhile and I had to try to get things going. This was the best I could do a tale of two rich stiffs having some sort of issue, lmao. It’s ok, I appreciate your kindness. One day my muse will come back, that fickle bitch

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        1. Unfortunately I gotta be in love, must, pissed off, or depressed to write well. I just can’t spot stuff out like some writers. Although nature pops up once in awhile. But even then I’ve gotta be feeling it. I just can’t fabricate stuff like other poets seem to be able to. Maybe tonight I’ll try again

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