Daily Thought: Society And Judgments


I hope you enjoy this new section of my blog where I share my brief thoughts, opinions, beliefs.

TO SOCIETY:  Why your judgments of me don’t matter:

I have survived child abuse, sexual abuse, juvenile incarceration, homelessness, divorce, loss of my children, drug abuse,  suicide, trauma, alcoholism, depression, ptsd, bipolar disorder, loss of over 60 jobs, poverty, domestic violence, my brother’s death, my mother’s death, loneliness, jail, two treatment facilities, despair, and defeat over and over again.

Sorry, your judgments didn’t make the list.

20 comments on “Daily Thought: Society And Judgments”

  1. I’ve been quietly reading your post and have to say they have touched me, like you will never know. I’ve wanted to say, try this or that, it might help but no one lives inside of you, but you (except God, my belief) so what I feel would work, might just be a crock or crap for you 🙂 What I can do, did do, is pray for you and send you lots of love, blessings, and peace within. You stated it correctly you “survived” and you WILL survive. If someone judges you that’s on THEM, not a reflection of you. God bless you brother!

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    1. It means so much to me that you took the time today to not only read my story but to share your warm sentiments. Thank you so much. Never hesitate to write what you want to me, this is why I blog. Not for attention or accolades, but for interactions with folks like you!

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      1. It was my pleasure. The thing I pray for the most, actually just once then I start thanking Him. God, help me be the person you want me to be and give me peace. After I ask Him, then every day, night sometimes several times a day and night…lol.. it’s God, thank you for making me the person you want me to be and giving me peace. And while reading your blogs God, help Rob be the person you want him to be and give Rob peace, then I started Thanking Him for it 🙂

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