A Higher Power: Spiritual Conditioning


wp-1485049646473.jpgWhen you exercise your body, you push yourself beyond what is comfortable so that your muscles become stronger.

Stretching, flexing, and taxing your body’s muscles produce pain, but their recovery results in harder, leaner tissue that has more density and power.  It’s never easy, but knowing the outcome–a stronger, healthier body–motivates us to exercise.

We rarely approach spiritual conditioning the same way, but we might be surprised that the training principle is similar.

No one deliberately rushes into a crisis with a calm, peaceful focus unless they have been through hard times before and experienced their Higher Power.  Reflecting on the past and the ways you’ve grown can help you realize that you’re more than able to conquer anything you face today.

We know that our Higher Power empowers us beyond the limitations of our own abilities.  Our Higher Power knows what we can bear and, like a good coach, only pushes us to make us stronger.

QUESTION:  Who, or What, is your Higher Power?

16 comments on “A Higher Power: Spiritual Conditioning”

  1. Congrats on your sobriety! I just started this journey. Almost to the 30-day AA coin. For me, it’s God. He just got me through the hardest 27 days of my life.

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  2. Some people look for the extra strength they need to get through the storm, from an external source. Some people look within and are often surprised at the inner strength they did not realise they already had.

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    1. I am definitely at least aware that my peace will be within while enjoying the nature of without. Meetings don’t really do it for me, music is ok, even my writing only does it to some degree. My therapist and I actually talked about trying to minimize activities where I need external feedback for the tranquility I seek and, rather, focus on things like music, nature, meditation, physical fitness for that tranquility.

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      1. There is no “one size fits all” it is always a custom job. Accepting good advice is a good foundation, but your ultimate success will be of your own creation. You will be able to build upon the awareness that you already possess.

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  3. Thank You, Rob, I have never in my life experienced such anguish and despair at what a frightened, selfish fuck I am and at the same time know It’s all that I am and can shed that and still help- Be careful what you wish for they said, you just might get it they said.

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