Poets Speak On Sound Cloud


wp-1483485126916.jpgI have created a brand new soundcloud account for justruminating.  Here I will be posting all the Poet Speaks Poets, as well as meditation audio, chillout ambient audio and who knows what else.  Be sure to follow!  I would love to build our community of poets there.  I already have a few other soundcloud poets represented.

If you would like your readings to be included, but you don’t have a soundcloud account, not to worry!  Simply email me up to 3 audio files and I will create a soundcloud playlist for you!

I know it is not the written word, but I love to hear folks read their poems live!  I will also feature you in our new section of my blog Poets Speak.  So get reading!

2 comments on “Poets Speak On Sound Cloud”

  1. Love the idea, I listened to a few and they are good, thanks for sharing! I have a few on sound cloud, with music, under Wendell A. Brown. I was thinking recently to do books that way but also to share spoken word without music also. I will visit and will send a couple of new ones your way!

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