My Recovery: Evolution of This Alcoholic


Quick recap for you new folks:  I am in a 3 month VA treatment facility for substance abuse.  My substance is alcohol.  I am 8 months sober right now.

This program is divided into 3 Phases:  Phase I is heavy-laden with groups and the rooms are on the treatment side.  Phase II is almost totally work oriented, with only a smattering of groups and you move to the more “quiet” side.  Phase III is all work and no groups, focusing on transition.

On Monday I am entering Phase II!  Can you believe I have been here over a month already?  Phase II focuses you on what they call CWT:  Concentrated Work Therapy.cwt4Because it is considered therapy, we don’t have to pay Uncle Sam a dime!

I am allowed to work a total of 24 hours in CWT.  I will still be going to a few important groups, namely CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and Relapse Prevention (that’s my core small group led by my designated Social Worker.)

I will be moving to the other side of the domiciliary as well.  There are a lot less staff roaming around on the side of the building.  Picture standing on the outside of the building:  the left and right sides are identical to one another, with a lobby separating the wings.

grounds keeper on justruminating men's blogI have been assigned as a Grounds Keeper.  I will tell you, I am not a big fan of manual labor.

However, my new non-alcoholic mind is grateful to be working and having the ability to make money!  I also view this position as a challenge to my belief system and I will be practicing a lot of Acceptance I am sure.

So folks, here we go in the evolution of this Alcoholic who doesn’t like to call himself an Alcoholic.  I am ready to be working.  I was growing weary of the same groups day in and day out, though they certainly have had their merit. Businessman

I will update you in a few weeks (or sooner if there are dire circumstances) about how the job is going.I am also rethinking my transition plan for the end of March, but more on that when I have formulated it more thoroughly.  I will tell you this:  It is taking shape!


I Would Love Your Thoughts!

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