What Will Never Be


terrifyingpoem on justruminating men's blog

Cold cloak chills
my aged bones it
those crimson eyes
those smoldering orbs
those smoking windows
of despair

and yet
I draw closer
I capitulate
I accede
in the knowing
of what is
and what was
and what will
never be

with one touch I’m
then asphyxiated
then extinguished

my ashes
barely glancing
your frozen ground
your dead horizon
your nuclear dust
before they are
pulverized and
behind the echo
of your
terrifying laugh.

30 comments on “What Will Never Be”

            1. Ah yes, I do recall that now. I just made this up. It has nothing to do with me. As a matter of fact, like I was telling oldepunk, I am not sure what it is about, I am just glad to have finally written a poem after 14 damn days! That’s the longest I’ve gone in four months. I hope I am beyond it, but I am not sure I am. My medication is now affecting my emotions, as in regulating them. For me to write poetry, I have to be feeling heavy feelings of either joy or sorrow. This middle of the road shit is killing my muse 😦

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                  1. I have alcoholics in my family and I admire what you’re doing, I understand how important encouragement is. But honestly, you deserve the praise for your talent. And my sister’s entrenched in denial so your posts help me too πŸ™‚

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                    1. Nothing makes me happier than to know that someone is actually benefitting from my work. The picture and music posts are for variety, but this is all about recovery for me. I have been leaning toward it more and more as I learn more about it.

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    1. Thanks. It’s my first poem in 14 days. I don’t even know what it’s about, but at least I finally wrote a damn poem, lol. Unfortunately for me, to write poetry, I have to feel bipolar highs or bipolar lows. The new meds I am on are stabilizing me, but sent my muse packing.

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      1. I’ve been there man. It does stifle the creativity a bit. It will come back. I had to teach myself that it is still in me, I just had to find a new way to jumpstart it. Idk what that means for you, but if you can write, you can write. And friend, you can write! Namaste

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