Honey Have You Seen My Auras?


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Seeing auras enables you to instantly check your well-being and prevent illnesses from developing in your body. By developing a sight for aura you will be able to check both physical and mental health.  You will also be able to understand your general attitude towards life and spot any negative character features (e.g. greed or hatred) you may have. Once you develop this different kind of sight you will even be able to read auras of other people, like those of your friends or relatives.

It will also help you understand people and determine their intentions. You will be able to see which person likes or loves you and which holds negative thoughts towards you. The moods and intentions of people can also be felt from the vibrations they emanate.  Although some websites and books offer complicated ways of seeing auras, it is not that hard to develop this ability.

Techniques For Seeing Auras

Start with bright objects

Bright objects have stronger colours, therefore their auras are much easier to see than the auras of subtly coloured objects. It will be useful for you to firstly see the auras of such objects to get a general idea of how the aura looks like.

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To see the aura you should be in the area in a daylight rather than one which is lit by an unnatural light.  Take a red book or some other brightly coloured object and hold it against the wall. The book can either touch the wall or not, it does not make any difference.  Now look at the edge of the book and keep looking at it without putting any focus on it. Let your eyesight ease up and just calmly look at the edge of the book and a background.

Let your sight become blurry

If you can, start looking at no particular object. This way you will achieve a blurry eyesight and it will soon change to another type of sight which will show you the aura.  If you start seeing the objects nearer or further away from you than they really are, this is also a sign that very shortly you will start seeing the aura, just keep looking in the same way.  The less you blink the better. The more tired you are, the more likely you are to see the aura. Also firstly you will only see a very narrow strip of the aura, but with practice it will expand.

You can make this narrow strip expand by transferring your look from the object you are viewing to that strip of the aura and the background. But remember, do not focus your sight on anything in particular because the aura will disappear from your sight.  With practice you will also be able to turn your head to look at some different part of the aura without it disappearing. This will help you see current illnesses or potential diseases in the body. They will show up as dark patches in the aura.

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However when you see different coloured patches above or around the head, these patches can also mean that the person has very intense thoughts. The colour of these patches determines the nature of the thoughts.  When you can spot auric colours of the objects fairly quickly, then you can try seeing your own aura, animal aura and other people’s auras.

Although it is advised to start seeing person’s aura by looking at their third eye chakra (between the eyebrows), it is much easier to see the aura by looking at a hand or a leg because you can then look at the edge of your hand and you can also see the background. In other words, your sight goes in between the edge of your hand and the background. Therefore the aura shows up easier.  However the aura is stronger (larger) around your head, so you can try both ways and see which one gives you better results.

More Tips On Seeing Auras

When you try to look at other parts of the aura you should do so by maintaining your blurry sight rather than a focused sight. If you focus your sight whilst looking at other aura parts you will lose the sight of the aura.  Also you will notice that your sight will try to tune the aura out and it will take some time to quickly and continuously see auras because your sight is not used to it.

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If you see your aura as a thin white strip, you may be seeing your etheric body rather than the aura. To determine that you can put your fingers in front of each other, around 5cm apart.  If you look at your fingers and you see that many white strips are touching each other from both hands’ fingers, then you are seeing your etheric body. In such case you should practise more and you will then be able to see the actual aura.

The brighter the person’s aura, the more positive and stronger (physically and mentally) the person is. Such people know clearly what they want and they know the direction they are heading to.  Do not be surprised if you spot an aura of the person that has two colours which are going through each other and have different intensity areas. For example my aura colour is green/yellow. Such combinations have their own meanings.

The best way to see the correct colour of your aura is in a daylight against a white wall. I know that some people use black background but I did not try this. If you look at your aura in the area lit by an unnatural light or against coloured walls you may see a changed aura colour. This is because the aura colour will be changed by the aura of the coloured background or unnatural light.  When you look at your own/other people’s auras, keep in mind that bright clothes can change aura colour too. The less coloured clothes you wear the more realistic aura colour you will be able to see.

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