My Miscellany: My Ex Is Creeping My Blog


wp-1485298089762.jpgI woke up to my Spam folder full of this hatred from my ex. It started the previous day when she apparently discovered my blog. I post here because it is a reminder of why I am grateful to be sober, and free today.  She has also had several friends posting nasty comments both on my blog and on my gofundme page.

At first I was angry. But, as I thought about it, I am actually sad. Sad that someone cannot simply move on in their life. It’s sad that they continue to live with anger and hatred.  Apparently, as she has written also on my gofundme page, her objective is to not allow me to move forward in life.  She wants me to relapse.  That’s absolutely not going to happen.

deaddonedeal on justruminating men's blogThose of you who have been reading me for awhile know that I have discussed my part in our relationship. It is no secret that I went to jail because of this relationship. I take ownership for my part in its unraveling. However, that’s were it stops. I have put my comments to her venom because I feel it’s healing for my own sake.

You all know my full name. You all know where I live. Some of you even have my phone number. I have nothing to hide. Nothing whatsoever. This is the first–and only time–I will speak to this doggerel.  And why am I doing it?  Because that’s why I blog people.  That’s why I blog…



You can only hold your breath and the truth for so long.. at some point you’re going to come up for air love

I am living and breathing recovery fully everyday.



You getting any sleep tonight Rob? Cuz I’m not! Keep deleting my comments.. I got all night baby

Inappropriate spam comments are automatically put in a spam folder and are not viewable online.  Therefore, I didn’t have to do anything to keep comments from appearing on my blog.



Ps phoebe he hates pets and kids!!

I don’t care for dogs, but I don’t hate them.  I thought we had discussed getting a pet, but…ya.  I grew up and like cats.  That I hate kids is just so far off the radar it warrants no further comment.



His kids don’t speak to him, not because of his ex wife, who has a lifetime restraining order against him, but because he’s a straight up liar, manipulater, abuser, user, narcissistic asshole!

My kids do not speak to me, true.  My wife does a have a lifetime restraining on me, true.  Long story, but if anyone is interested in hearing it, hit me up.  I certainly have lied in my life, I don’t manipulate, If defending myself in violent situations is being an abuser, I am guilty.  I never used anyone.  I gave my checks, income tax refunds and every penny I earned to the accountant of the home.  Oh, and I just received my proper diagnoses:

Bipolar I Disorder


Borderline Personality Disorder

We went over other disorders, including Narcisstic Personality Disorder, and it was determined by a Team Of Psychiatrists that I do not suffer from this disorder.


Google him!! He’s a fraud and a phony. He’s living out his own karma ladies!

Please, do Google me.


Look at his record!!!

In my entire adult life:  I have two convictions for OUI.  One conviction for Domestic Assault which is under appeal for illegal presentation of false evidence in the middle of a trial.  If you would like to know more, contact me.  There is much more to this story.


In reply to Phoebe Chi (Puppydoc).Wake up!!!

No Comment


In reply to Rob.Rob…. your mom passed and YOU WERE not there! You were at the package store!! Ass’

I received a text that my mother had passed away two weeks prior.  My step father decided that my mother wanted to be cremated and just did it.  Never told anyone she was sick.  We have discussed this on my blog.  The day I received that text I went to the liquor store after my only 3 month abstinence and got drunk with my ex.  It was the beginning of a 2.5 year nightmare from living hell.


In reply to Meg Sorick.Yassy … you aren’t that dumb are you??? He hasn’t had his family speak to him since!!! Wake up.. read between his lines loll you’re not that desperate are you? Google him!!!

I speak to the members of my family, my father and my Aunt.  My half-sister doesn’t communicate with me that often.  Everyone else is dead.


Grow a set Rob… or else stop pretending that you have a set!

I have a set and they are growing everyday.


Still haven’t called her?!? You are so full of shit!!!!

Called her for Christmas.  But yes, I should call her, it’s been a few weeks.


The sound of your voice wants to make me vomit!! You are so fake!!!! God, I wish I listened to the warnings!

Then I suggest you not listen to my recordings.


In reply to Phoebe Chi (Puppydoc).Are you just stupid doc? He’s so transparent.. look and you will see!!!!!

Yes, I am transparent, that’s why I put everything about my life on my blog.  No secrets, no veils, no illusions.  You can see everything about me clear as day.  Thus, transparent.  And also why I am giving you 15 minutes of fame and that is all I will provide you again.


In reply to yassy.Seriously! He’s no doctor, unless he’s the doctor of misery and pain… you’ve been warned ladies. I didn’t listen when his ex’s tried to warn me… I thought I was different… good luck and run, run, run as fast as you can! Signed the dark lady

I never said I was a doctor, ever.  True, she did have a field day with 2 of my other significants.  Much to their horror.  Who calls exe’s of exe’s?  Could be true, not applicable really.


Robert Levasseur. Brockton, MA!

At the VA, building 7.


In reply to Phoebe Chi (Puppydoc).Girls…. beware of the wolf in Sheep’s clothing! This guy is a fraud!!! Google him!

I don’t know what I would be being a fraud at.  If anyone figures this out, please let me know.


You need to grasp what recovery really means Rob…

I’m pretty sure my blog says it all.


Your face makes me vomit!!!!

Then stop looking at it.


In reply to Rob.You wouldn’t know a soul in need

Yes, I would actually.  My own.



Really.  Please, move on with your life and stay out of mine.  Respect the boundaries. 


57 comments on “My Miscellany: My Ex Is Creeping My Blog”

  1. I think you’ve read some of my posts about people I cared about and spent many years drinking with. The one I was closest too, who supposedly loved me, was the one that physically hurt me. I’m still not over it. He found a way a few years ago to get on my Facebook and other social media. I have done everything possible to never hear his voice, see his face, or even hear his name. If your Ex is that damaged by you I would think she would feel the same. I wasn’t happy that I couldn’t contact her because she’s hiding behind a Gravatar. You can send her to my blog next time. I have no problem dealing with people like that. I have recently found the spine I’ve been missing for so long. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’ve no idea hobo love that idea lol. If anyone could take her on, and she is a terrible force to be reckoned with, it would most certainly be you! I deleted her blog address on purpose. I said my piece and I’m going to let sleeping dogs lie…for now. Thank you so very much!

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  2. Merciful heavens. There is a lot of anger. I don’t do drama, so I won’t engage in that. Just want to offer some encouragement that no matter who you were yesterday, you can choose to be better today. This line of thinking that someone should be branded with the “A” for the remainder of their life is ridiculous. There are angry and unforgiving people out there that seem to forget that while their mistakes not look like yours, they still make them. In addition, until death calls there is a chance for error or improvement. Someone on top of the world could become someone at the bottom of the pit tomorrow. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing that many people refuse to offer; however someday we all need it. Keep moving forward.

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  3. I’m stunned reading this!! If the boundaries are set why try to provoke someone? Why go digging up old bones? Humans can be cruel. I think it’s brave to share this. (I kind of know what it’s like to go through something like this with persons from the past). I hope peace & kindness win!!

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  4. The worst part is you’ve been put in a position to defend yourself against garbage. I been there man. Me and my ex have smoothed over now but it was ugly for sure. Don’t worry, everyone has a backstory. Sometimes it just takes longer to get out from under. Congrats on trying to rise above and better yourself.

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  5. This is some crazy shit. I don’t know you from Adam and honestly I sense she is bitter. Everyone has a damn past. Get the hell over it. Obviously you have moved on and she needs to do the same. Keep doing you buddy.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Kudos to you for ‘owning’ this. I am sorry it’s been happening to you. However that is always the risk in being ‘yourself’ on the blog and not posting anonymously. Keep writing and sharing, Rob. And we will keep reading and supporting you.

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