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Today I thought I would just post actual pictures of my snowy environment, rather than the modified photos I usually post. If you never get snow, here is some for you!

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Smoke Area Last Night
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Side of Building 7
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Front of Building 7
Side of Building 7
Outside Building 7
Smoke Area Last Night
Storm Last Night
Snow From Last Night

14 comments on “Snowbound”

          1. Sledding also sounds kind of scary to me but only cos I’ve seen so many videos of people getting hurt while doing it. Yeah snow is fun except when you start feeling like you’re freezing to death in the cold (according to my friends who moved to the US)

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            1. It’s all about dressing in layers. Trust me, when you’re frolicking in the snow, you never notice you are cold until you stop frolicking. And sledding is not dangerous; unless of course you’re sledding near trees haha.

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