New!  Just Ruminating On YouTube!



I am happy to announce that I have created a brand spankin’ new account for justruminating on YouTube!  Now I know that YouTube is not in our blogosphere, but heck, I just couldn’t help but compile some of the best videos on different topics that might be of interest to you!

I have created 12 different Playlists (because that’s just how I roll!).  And almost ALL of the playlists is COLLABORATIVE!  Those with a (C) are collaborative.  That means that YOU are welcome to add videos to any of the other playlists as you see fit.  So have fun!

Amazing (C)–mostly magic videos, really amazing stuff!
Ambient Sounds–relaxing background music.
Chillout Beats–mellow club music with a beat.
Funny (C)–as in haha!
Love Songs (C)–my modern favorites (I skipped the 50’s–80’s on purpose).
Meditation-Guided(C)–narrator-assisted videos you can meditate to.
Meditation-Self(C)–meditation videos (relaxation, Tibetan bowls, nature, etc.)
Mental Health (C)–Ted Series lectures on Mental Health topics. More to come!
Sobriety (C)–variety of different videos discussing sobriety.
My Favorites–my personal playlist.
Spoken Word Poets (C)–poets performing their poetry (yay @puppydoc!)
Tao Te Ching–all 81 Tao Te Ching philosophies read. One of the best books ever.
Vasily Ambient God!–if you don’t love these compilations, you’re dead to me!

I have also compiled 22 of the best meditation, mental health, and spoken word poetry channels I could find as well!  you can visit those on my channel as well.

All you have to do is follow the link below and enjoy!  If you feel like subscribing, please feel free.  I will be posting each individual Playlist in the coming days so that they will appear individually in my Category Drop Down Menu.  If you have any suggestions for additional playlists, please don’t hesitate to contact me!  Enjoy.

Bring Me To Justruminating on YouTube!

20 comments on “New!  Just Ruminating On YouTube!”

  1. I have a YouTube channel out there somewhere, I’ll have to look around a bit. I spend a good deal of time listening to a meditation mis of music on Spotify. It’ll be nice to see your suggestions

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