My Miscellany: To Follow Or Not To Follow?


wp-1485298089762.jpgAccording to WordPress I have 360 “followers.”  Truly?  I wish!  I average about 15-25 “likes” per post.  Where the heck are the other 340?  Lol.  But, not my actual point.  This got me thinking about who I follow, and why.

What I have learned is that I have been ignoring some folks that have been showing me consistent and solid support, and I have been “following” and investing serious time and effort in some folks for quite some time that have shown me scant support.lovemybloggers on justruminating men's blog

Well, today I cleared house and started following you folks I have missed.  I guess that’s just the ebb and flow of blogging.  Because I don’t believe in “following” everyone, I have been devoted to pretty much the same 30 or so poets since I joined here in mid-October.


That number has pretty much allowed me–very nearly most of the time–to post quality comments on posts.  For me, following any more would not allow me to give consistent, quality feedback.

What I am concerned about is making sure that the folks I am supporting are the folks who are regularly and consistently supporting me.  That’s reciprocity!  Makes sense right?  Or at least I hope it does!

Before I decided to launch some folks, I got very anal about this and counted each person who has “liked” each of my last 25 poems.  I discovered the same core group of bloggers, so that’s who I am following today.

reciprocityfunny on justruminating men's blog

So, thank you very much to you who have shown me such love and support.  And thank you for those of you who occasionally stop in and “like” or comment, I am most grateful.  I understand everyone can’t visit everyday and then I’d have to follow 360 followers, lol.  I just can’t follow everyone and be fair to your work.

At least you all know now why I am or am not following you.  And, to the new folks I am now following, I promise to show you the same love and support you have shown me.  Sorry I’m a bit late to the party.

50 comments on “My Miscellany: To Follow Or Not To Follow?”

  1. Well, I support you whether I read/like everything or not. For sure I don’t read poetry much. I realized I am NOT a poet and I don’t really get poetry. I guess that’s not in my gift package 🙂 – But like I said, I support you. And one day you’ll have my camera- so how’s that for reciprocation. LOL. xo

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  2. Good post, and I wish more WP users would make known their follow philosophies. Why follow someone if you’re never going to read their posts? Seriously, some people will just follow without even reading one post. To them I say good riddance and block them. Harsh, but I’m sure they haven’t even noticed my absence in their Reader feed. Ha, but I’m here like you and your loyal readers: to build community and support one another not only in our writing endeavors but in life’s ups and downs as well. Peace Rob!

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    1. Yes, I have noticed your absence. And yes, that is my purpose here as well. I hope all is ok. Your writings are always profound and thought provoking. Thank you for you!


      1. My absence? You are certainly not one of the blogs I’ve blocked. I was being cheeky in that I suspect those business-oriented blogs that follow with no intention of reading but as a passive way to advertise, will click ‘follow’ on 100 blogs a day and so will never notice that I blocked them. Thanks for the kudos, and yes, I may not publish that often, but I have a new series that I’ll kick off tomorrow. Music-based, you might enjoy it. Oh, and I think it is awesome that you have such a loving and supportive audience. It should never be about the numbers.

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        1. Thank you. I just thought you haven’t been around because I haven’t seen a lot of posts. I’m just hoping this post came across as intended and not as a negative thing. I look forward to your series

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  3. I try to read as much as I can. And leave my thoughts . That has created a bond which is wonderful. It’s like everyone is talking to each other. And speaking they’re heart without inhibitions. I doubt we actually do that in real life. There is no judge ment here. All here to say our bit.

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  4. Nice! 😃 I’ve been blogging for 2 years and I’ve done basically the same thing, follow the people who really engage with me (plus some blogs that I’m truly just interested in the content and couldn’t care less about the feedback part). Glad to have connected, Rob.

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        1. Baffles me I’m nearing 400 followers and I’ve only cracked 30 likes on a post 3 or four times. A little confidence buster at times for what I’m putting out here you know?

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            1. lol. I just wonder what the other 340 people are doing everyday. Doesn’t matter, it’s not at all going to change a damn thing about how I blog. Although, I would love to have a rapturous audience, I write for me!

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                1. That is my dream someday. I don’t have access to my computer in storage, but on it is my earlier poetry from 1987-2000. I then stopped writing mostly, with maybe a spattering of poems until I started this blog. So I maybe have 200 or so total poems. Almost all of my earlier work is rhyming poetry. I used to have such a disdain for Free Verse, but I write it all the time now. Thus is my evolution!

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                  1. I’m the same! I never could write a poem that didn’t rhyme… didn’t feel like it was really poetry. But now I really love it! It’s just about using beautiful language and finding a rhythm. You have more than enough for a volume of poetry. Hope you can get them collected some day!

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                    1. Thanks for sharing Meg. Youre one of the folks I should have been following with your support. I’m glad you spend the time as I will spend the time as well

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  5. Haha I was wondering about that. And honestly, I didn’t get on here for followers. I feel the same as Natalie, I didn’t expect anyone to read it. Every read is still a lovely surprise to me. I don’t really have any expectations. And I don’t want to be “followed” either, by anyone who feels obligated. Time is clearly a factor, and I agree, it’s nice to have it somewhat manageable for meaningful exchanges, if that’s really possible lol. This is a lovely post about a side effect of WP I didn’t anticipate! 🙂

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        1. Well that means a lot because I have always been here for you. I just should have been supporting you and your work directly rather than those who would always respond to my feedback, but who never gave me any. Problem solved

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  6. I have had a few blogs over the years and I remember initially when I first created one I never had imagined that it was going to be read. I know I know, laugh out loud about that. But I genuinely never imagined that in a million years someone would be interested in a damn thing that I had to say let alone repeat read anything else I ever did after they accidentally stumbled upon something I wrote.
    Several years have past and several stances on blogging, reading, commenting and appreciation have past as well. These days I’m more relaxed with what occurs for me. I try not to feel too guilty, too obligated or too expecting. All that you say here makes perfect sense.
    Being attentive to people you follow is the kindest and most sought after way of showing appreciation for someone. Nice post.

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    1. First, I’m grateful to you for your kind comments. Second, I am hoping I came across just as you said you are: not making folks feel obligated or expecting everyone to read me, that would suck lol. And finally, I appreciate your visit

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    1. And you are one who has been with me and I missed. Now your stuck with me reading you regularly. It was kind of an eye opener that some folks I really devoted to haven’t bothered to read me

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