Poetry: Dismissed

You can now
never expunge me
banish me from
your view
delete me from
your life I
am the sentience
past and present
your decay
your debris.

I am blue skies
above you
frozen ground
below you
I possess you
own you
you are

No, you can’t
expunge me
I refute you
I banish you
I delete you
your presence
is hereby

You were nothing
to me mere
dust blowing in
the wind
a frozen planet
I tossed around
for my amusement
I am the Alpha
and the Omega

You will never
eliminate me
the poison of
my presence
has stained
your heart
love can never
again satiate
your needs
your desires
your longings.

I gorge on stars
eviscerate worlds
from my view
drain oceans
level mountains
you are puny
and that is
that is
so undeniable.

Gaze long
with dread into
the abyss that
is your pathetic
wail and cry
choke on the
reality that you
can never erase
ever retrace me
never replace me.

My dear,
it is you who
is expunged
now blow away
you are nothing
your presence is
no longer required
you are


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