Just Another Rumination: “I Love You”


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Thought I’d create a new section of posts for my blog:  Just Another Rumination.  Simple thoughts and questions that sometimes enter and exit my overactive imagination.

“I Love You”

Three of the most dangerous words in the English language.  They can topple whole empires (just ask, just for one example, Napolean,) or they can build universes.  There is nothing worse than a person who haphazardly tosses those three words around like they were confetti at a ticker tape parade.  Thinking that suddenly the heavens are going to open up before them.

I would caution anyone to use these three words so carefully; as if they were the core of a nuclear bomb.  Because, if not carefully contemplated and properly used, that is precisely the effect they can have on someone.  And, when used without much thought to the power behind them, they can wreak utter devastation when taken back.

So, before you use those three mighty words, ask yourself:

  • Why am I saying these words?  What is my purpose in this?
  • What impact will these words have on the recipient?
  • Am I willing to back these three words up with actions?  Willing to stick and stay?
  • Do I know what the fuck I am talking about?  Am I feeling this or mouthing this?lovelost on justruminating men's blog

Dear readers, if you do not have finite and pure answers to the questions above, don’t use the words!  Don’t put them into the universe merely to try to pull them back later because you did not have adequate fortitude to back them up.  Or because you think you thought you might…

Once they are in the universe they cannot be withdrawn.  If you do not know the power of these words then you have no business saying them.  If you are not prepared to back them up, then it is best you keep your mouth shut.  Let someone else–someone who knows what they mean and their true purpose–put them into the world with the full affect to which they were intended:

For mature adults who realize that they are not merely words.  Use improperly, they are the stuff than can loose planets from their orbit.  Used mindlessly, they are the stuff than can incinerate someone where they stand.  So, before you go telling someone “I Love You,” better be sure you mean business.  Otherwise, stay home and channel surf on Comedy Central.

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14 comments on “Just Another Rumination: “I Love You””

  1. One of the things I adore about foreign languages like Spanish is a clear distinction between, say, I love spaghetti, I love my dog, and I love you. There are different verbs for each of these, and they are fairly specific. There is also a different I love you for family versus lovers. But in English we lump it all into one over-used term for everything.

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    1. Mmm, interesting thank you for that! We need new terms. I think you’ve given me an interesting idea for a follow up: the many different true meanings when someone says I love you. Exsmple: when no say I love you that’s as long as you continue to stay sober. Our love you’d seem to come with a lot of ifs and shoulds

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  2. I feel an irresistible urge to play devil’s advocate here but perhaps we are not at odds. I have never said it and not meant it but my romantic/”in love” “I love you”s are handed out much less frequently than my platonic “I love you”s I hope that when I hand out those platonic “I love you”s that my intent and meaning are clear but we don’t always have control over how are messages are received, just how carefully we give them. But the key here is that I know my heart well and I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

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    1. Awesome. And its more than acceptable to speak freely here. I don’t write to be agreed with. I am able to accept all points of view whether they mirror my own or not


      1. I think the older I get the more important it is that I tell the people I love how I feel about them because I am more cognizant that time is fleeting. I assume that you have encountered people who say it emptily or impulsively or say it and don’t back it up with action, compassion and tenderness. I’m sorry.

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