Entreat This Soul


entreatTherein lies your beauty
testify to me no more
of dandelions and daffodils
of butterflies and bumblebees
do not chant as crows beyond
sight scatter then gather
in cold naked trees bloated
with discord

The recompense for transgressions
lays waste to beauty’s cache
of finery
of magnificence
of splendor
disgorge not plaintive sorrows
breathless from your heaving
chest that conclave of muted
things shadowed and dreary
do not yearn for lovely things
evade you
elude you
avoid you.

Talk then of gnarled paths
overgrown with weeds
and thick brush
and rotting moss
sing soft melancholies into
indifferent airs and scatter
your tributes breathlessly
entreat this soul
to yet yearn ache desire for
hues of sustenance those
colors masks of secret truths
lying in wait for the impact
of despair

Therein lies your beauty
your truth
and your essence yet
do not eclipse the chasm for
it is conquered
it is besieged
it is occupied
by faiths sages aching to know
what chance their hopes had
from casting dreams
and illusions
and secrets undetected into
their blackened pools of wonder.

Even dread Beelzebub hot
with rage
and jealousy
and hatred
ignited in his revenge
who rose from putrid ashes
who rose from rancid death
who rose from deadly hell
fierce intent with doom
could only weakly and infirmly
set ablaze one tenth of the
thousand worlds of this solitary
and eremitic imagination.

43 comments on “Entreat This Soul”

        1. Wow that’s high praise indeed. I dontvknow what to say. I wish I knew what the he’ll I was talking about in bit. I’ve read it several times I think im moving closer to gleaning its meaning lol

          Liked by 1 person

      1. Those are the best…when you just let it flow. Don’t try to figure it out. Maybe it’s not meant to be figured out. Leave it as it is. I actually took meaning in it. I suppose it’s left open for interpretation at this point. If you have no specific reader in mind, that’s a beautiful thing. I, however, have been having you as my specific audience in mind lately for some reason. Not a bad thing, for I enjoy writing for you.

        Liked by 1 person

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