Secrets Yet Untold (+17)


secrets untold on justruminating men's blogAs I trace your carmine lips
gaze into eyes only for you
then soft fall upon my flesh
fall sempiternal into my soul
fixate on my need for you
lick the nectar of the source
of my burning of my yearning.

Your nails trail gouges
leave deep traces as your
stiffening nipples and
swelling breasts rejoice
in all of my assertions
your neck’s vein thick and
throbbing blood pulsing
bitten tender bitten deep
so that our passions seep
insistently urgently so
forcefully so fervently.

And I will touch you
And I will torch you
And I will taste you
And I will scorch you

tear your soft silken veil
from you swift expose you
drink deep the dew from you
taste the soft confines
of your femininity and
your chastity and your
inviolate lone sanctity.

Flow into my mouth ease
freely loose your urgent
desire your fire this pyre
ignited burning aflame
soft folds so swollen and
satin with the expectation
of my surely rigid affirmation
my devotion my insurgency
conquering entering urgently
starkly absolute domination
of your utterly dark depths.

Seize my hips clutch tight
drive into me woman rise
thrust and swallow my sighs
drive mad passions into
me onto me all around me
let fly desperate chants
and pants let loose your
moans your groans grip me
with all your life and shoot
all your soul’s designs onto
me cling to my body as stars
burst violently and let us swift
soar silent to ancient dimensions
and so unfold
all our rapture
all our sacred secrets
yet untold.

54 comments on “Secrets Yet Untold (+17)”

  1. I had to,scroll,forever to find a place to comment! This was a popular one.
    I’m not typically one that finds a great many erotic poems to be attractive and engaging for me.
    This one was, I loved it.
    Secrets untold might have captured me first, I was pleasantly surprised by its content

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              1. I could make the argument that all sex is a form of poetry. Some poetry is sacred and transcendent and allows us to connect with someone on a whole new level. And some is . . . trite stanzas. Or leaves us cold and lonely. Actually, I don’t know if poetry has ever left me lonely– puzzled and disconnected perhaps. Maybe we bring the poetry with us.

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                  1. I was actually thinking it more from the perspective of the reader, not as the writer. I can spend way too much time living in my fantasies because they are more manageable than my day to day life and I have total control (I like control) but sometimes everything clicks in real life and reality is different but just as good as the fantasy. I think I’m starting to ramble in that way I do when I have been up too long on too little sleep. I think what I am trying to say is that I think your poetic fantasy is not unrealistic but you and your partner have to both be open to the poetry. Its out there Rob– don’t write it off just yet. Oh god, I made a pun. I hate puns.

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                    1. I don’t even know what I was trying to say anymore! I know that you have the poetry inside you and that you are ready to share it– maybe it just needs the right partner. I think the world would be better place for everyone if I shut up and went to bed now! I am clearly incoherent. I am sure that twenty minutes ago that I thought I had a really profound thought to share. In any case, the poem was awesome.

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  2. ” cling to my body as stars
    burst violently and let us swift
    soar silent to ancient dimensions
    and so unfold
    all our rapture
    all our sacred secrets
    yet untold”.

    Stunningly beautiful!

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