Inevitably Some Do Go


coffee clutchesDay old coffee
in its maker
a cold witness
to broken dreams
and war stories
and proclamations
getting well
new beginnings
hearty hope.

Solemn stories and
cloudy memories
and Joe
laughter’s echo
at some obscure
joke but
the window
how schemes get

Some have just
flown that way
some do go
without ceremony
without fanfare
no hoopla
simply vanish
and all that’s left
empty seats
empty room
empty maker
waiting for
the next batch
of sunshine.

21 comments on “Inevitably Some Do Go”

  1. I get a lot of inspiration from watching the patients and their families where I work, some days I get very emotional and it manifests into the stories I write, never revealing their true identity but re telling the feeling i get. not sure if I explained this right, never mind! but anyway what I really wanted to say was that your words, the single descriptive ones kind of told its own story without having much else added to it – do exactly that too – we don’t need names or places or faces – just one word that describes it all – and more – just give you one example of what the words said to me -“distorted” – limbs that doesn’t look the same as it used to before – keeping people at an arms length, keeping people away, the distorted arm – distorted from society – and each persons story doesn’t fade even after they do. amazing layering of words and emotions Rob!

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                  1. ok let me try find it and can i link here for you or later somewhere else? – the free verse and you reminded me of this song in the language I speak here. I could translate it later but you need to listen to it in its original form. you may just hate it but I always say try something once!

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    1. Wow, thank you for that. I really tried to bring it home. And, ironically, by writing this, I realized that I need to be writing more poetry about my experiences in the treatment facility and the other men as well. I think I can share the experiences we go through and maybe let others know I understand their plight…or something along those lines lol

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