Chakra Healing

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The first concept of chakra healing lies in the damage or distorted energy of the chakra(s) itself. This means that a particular area of a chakra could be weak, or a hole in the energy field could be present.  chakras7The exact causes are discovered through direct chakra work but in your everyday life they could be brought on or distorted by negative stress or dis-ease you may be experiencing. Such things as work issues or relationship issues or intrapersonal guilt can cause imbalance.

Chakras, our different energy centers located at points throughout our body and spirit, can be thought of as swirling and acting as specific energy points governing different parts of our physical and spiritual lives.
brokenThese are not metaphorical, but actual points of power starting from the base of the spine and located moving up the body and resting above our heads. It is convenient to picture them as suns of different color, as balls of energy emitting outward. energyThese energies can get distorted both internally and by external forces, by other vibrations. These interactions can cause imbalance and incompleteness, effectively holes in what should be whole.

These energy holes and distortions can be made whole again by utilizing different energy healing techniques, chakra meditation, crystal healing, and a myriad of other ways. meditationThere are home study programs that guide you on working with your chakras yourself that can give you the tools to make these changes for yourself.

Some people participate in other energy healing sessions such as Reiki healing or work with techniques such as Tai Chi to achieve the same results. The goal is to simply find a way to continuously work with and access your particular energy centers and to bring these into harmony.


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