My Sunny Side: Freedom

I’ve decided to try a new feature in my blog: Sunny Side Up (I actually like over medium eggs lol) me trying to be my funny, sarcastic, positive, uplifting, grateful, off the wall self! I am going to show my positive side. My life is not all doom and gloom, And WovenEclipse helped me see that. So, thank you Rebecca!

Today has been bitterly cold.  Initially my thoughts had turned negative this morning.  And then I remembered when I looked out of the cage that was the “exercise” pen, and I ached to be free.  Now, I revel in that very freedom!

Nothing like being locked up like an animal to change your perspective on a myriad of things relating to freedom.  Today, I am grateful for the following freedoms now in my possession:

 1.  Freedom from the abusive relationship I was in–hallelujah!

2.  Freedom from alcohol and its disasters–living sober!

3.  Freedom of mind, body, soul–healing myself from the inside out.

4.  Freedom to come and go and do as I damn well please–well, mostly.

5.  Freedom from being a prisoner to “stuff”–cause I have nothing lol.

6.  Freedom from major depression and anxiety–all systems “go.”

Yes, dear readers, I am free in so many ways.  And, although I am starting life over basically from scratch, I am ecstatic that I get to have these experiences in my life today.

So, I’ll be happy to be in any kind of weather.  I appreciate the little things.  I am grateful for my life.  I am grateful for the friendships I am forming here.  It’s good to be King!

freedom on justruminating men's blog


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