Guided Meditation: Healing Consciousness


There is a brief discussion of this meditation by Deepak Chopra, but it is well worth listening to all of it.  If you want, you can jump to 6:40 and simply begin the meditation.

It is accurate to say that the purpose of meditation depends on the meditator – but it is also true that anyone who meditates regularly receives profound benefits on all of these levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Healing Higher Consciousness

6 comments on “Guided Meditation: Healing Consciousness”

  1. Interesting! I’ll have to try this sometime. My cousin is really into meditation and mindfulness…he’s been trying to sell me on it, but I never have time. Or actually, maybe I’m just completely incapable of sitting still and doing nothing. I think I don’t like relaxing because I stay busy to outrun my own brain. Does that sound insane? That’s probably insane. Oh well. It’s what I do. Thanks for sharing, though, really – I’ve heard enough about meditation now that I really should try it.

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