Poetry: Fresh Torrent

Cookie cutter words so
carefully cut and pasted
on me are simply wasted.

Their relevance defunct
so silent deaf and mute
someone else’s route.

This romances brevity
couldn’t even warrant
a freshly cut torrent.

Thoughts on you only
today are freshly writ
not from another’s skit.

Your cycle oft repeated
new color same game
please shame and blame.

Faded far from view
a barren desolate land
this love’s final stand.

Pain is public domain
burn your copyright
cliché it into firelight.

Blank page tattered torn
crumpled piss-stained
empty promises drained.

Program pre-recorded
tired hackneyed phrases
sung too long the praises.

“the lady doth protest
too much” said Hamlet
then she knew her fear
just ask Shakespeare.


I Would Love Your Thoughts!

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