Replete In This Dream


poetry on justruminating men's blogReplete In This Dream

sultry siren soft whispers this night
sweetly singing her hypnotic score-
echoes keep my heart from fright
logic dispelled and so much more.

goddess of my dreams drifting near
a melodic chant swirls soothing me-
swift this embrace makes it clear
love that’s divine in her eyes I see.

creature of loving brings me where
thoughtful reposes drift in dreams-
sighing gently a mesmerizing stare
her touch hot thunder so it seems

breathing her rapturous flowers in
soft gently caressing her body bare-
ease into a trance dance hot within
love’s opiate mist filling the air.

fervent touches soft passionate sigh
thunderous like waves often can be-
under the gaze of the moon so high
a song so sweet, this joyful revelry.

crimson loins delirious white heat
bodies embracing anxiously meet-
hot opiates deed hypnotizes again
sublimely serene subsides so then..

we never again suffer a lonely day
replete in this dream we shall stay-
to love eternal until cosmic dust
within together ever stay we must.

(older poetry)

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