Poetry: Their Salvation

Coming out of
distant dreams
of splendid things
lovely impressions
healing schemes
discerning deceptions
profound perceptions
within without were

My consciousness
from myriad worlds
of angels and demons
realms and reasons
castles and kings
subtle things
psyche’s pleasings.

This awakening
from primeval sleep
vast kingdoms
from fantasies
from dark the deep
my ethereal dawn
rose moonless
from its keep.

Three words
without a sound
for which I prayed
for which I knelt
bound and chained
in despair found
begging blind sages
indifferent Gods
cursing the fates
no solace for ages.

Three words
staring back at me
in silent repose
such ecstasy
their remedy
so that
dreams dreamt
dreams meant
to create rhapsody
could not imagine
their salvation.


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