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Poetry: Idiotic Ruminations

Don’t call Moses a liar he was much more than that
There are no sands of time just time and sand
(and not enough of either in this land)
Just one way is one too many ways skin a cat.

Peter denied Jesus thrice and he still got a booking
Space is hurling through us not the other way around
Don’t look for the Arc it’s…just stop looking
(it will never be found).

Better to not be a fly on the wall lest disaster strikes
The Sun doesn’t set never sets it’s on the other side
(something none of us really likes)
Lollipops don’t pop no matter how you’ve tried.

The Titans are still pissed over losing the war
(and they are gunning for revenge)
When rain falls its not fucking tears its more
Pyramids weren’t built by people nor Stonehenge.

Man has designs on woman and it will always be
The rib wants home the home wants another rib
(don’t ask me)
Marriage is indentured servitude for the glib.

While we’re at it love:  ill-fated concept for mammals
A tree falls you’re not there it still makes a sound
(quite a shambles)
And yes the egg came before the chicken was around.

This is your mind this is drugs now what to do?
(so many choices so little time)
If she has that look in her eye who is defining you?
And thus endeth this stupid rhyme.

(told you they were idiotic)

Poetry: Here Just Awhile

languishing lonely
as a cloud
drifting dreamily
from the crowd.

shifting serenely
as the seas
rising roaming
in summer’s breeze.

easing easily
by the sun
children chortling
with laughter run.

fading faintly
is the day
drifting dissolving
into the Bay.

tenderly taken
by the night
silently slipping
out of sight.

Poetry: Nightfall

Dust decays the minds remains,
sullies clarity while slow it stains-
Slow it stalls each calm refrain
scowls so deep my new disdain.

Cloudless day, yet chill surrounds,
then quiet falls upon the grounds-
Eases silence until all around
I’m lost among the words I found.

Gathering close the gloom foretells
echoes of the church-yard bells-
Quiet then both the vale and dell
so quickly, so sudden, so it fell.

Stark the darkness heavily weighs
dances resolutely thus it stays-
Along grey gravel does it play
then dead to earth it kills the day.

Stalks away and leaves unkind
unravels deeds, stops the mind-
Once taut now the heart so finds
purpose loosened it slow unwinds.

Fade cold sun beyond the trees!
Rush to earth upon your knees-
So small, so small you are to me
still stoic though, your majesty.

Poetry: It Shadows Darker

funny how heavy a sadness weighs
and angry rage which surely stays
pyre fierce fire an unfair blaze
attempting to burn me in its haze

hotly blinding your tearful gaze
this solemn haunting eulogy plays
deep in your heart staunchly stays

echoing empty in the soul it plays
circles lonely at my feet and bays
it shadows darker more dreary days

corrodes the mind in so many ways
rots the soul until my hope decays
you terribly trap me within a maze

a simple stroke of pen makes right
forever casts cruel hatreds might
so into depths from which it came
then only dreams and smiles remain

Poetry: My Pen Makes It So

Now my heart is full with need
My feelings on the page do bleed
How you seemed so far away
yet close you seem to me today.

Crystal clear my thoughts they flow
Through lilac fields they play and go
In my mind they seem so real
Alone and with these thoughts I feel.

How these thoughts are coming true
Your love for me, my love for you
For true my pen makes it so
So sure my sweet we’ll let it grow.

Now my heart is full with trust
that be we will and be we must
Show you love my soul to bare
And love so real we two will share.

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