Attitude of Gratitude


wp-1484928101125.jpgToday I will embrace an attitude of gratitude.  I will be thankful for the food on my plate.  I will be grateful for you who enter my life today.

I think too often we let life carry us on the breeze, and we often don’t “stop to smell the roses.”  Well, at least that happens to me at times.  Today, I will be grateful for the day, grateful for another day of sobriety.

I will be open to what others have to say.  I will be a better listener than I was yesterday.  I find that when I pause the urge to talk, my interactions are so much more rich.  I have to stop “waiting for my turn to talk.”  That’s a symptom of my disease.  There is room for more opinions than just my own today.

I will breath in the October air and relish the Fall of Earth.  It’s sights, sounds, scents.  I will live in the moment and just be today.  I will direct my attention towards gratitude, for the day, not just the moment…

8 comments on “Attitude of Gratitude”

  1. Also, just so you know, on the WordPress app on my phone, the link to your blog takes me here ( but on my computer, you’re linked to a different site ( which is extremely confusing. Are they both yours?

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  2. Yes, lovely!! It’s amazing how much an attitude of gratitude can turn a bad day, or even a dull one, into something so beautiful and so much richer. Ever since I started working on my gratitude, the world has really come alive around me. I also literally stop and smell the roses, almost every single one I see 😆 I like this a lot.

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