New Age: Past Lives

How many times have you gone into a relationship with someone knowing that destiny or karma had somehow brought you together? Have you ever felt you had been together with somebody before, perhaps in another lifetime?

But then again, how many other times have you strenuously believed that you and your partner were meant for each other but usually ended up changing your mind after the first argument?

Finding the capacity and method to pinpoint whether a relationship has been repeated in the past or not can be difficult, yet fun once you get the hang of it. Unlike what most think, no one comes into your life with a label that states “Past Life Ex” or tells you “We have had a relationship before, but not in this life”. It is uncanny how so many people, mainly affected by the New Age movement, seem to find karmic ties in almost everything, misinterpreting wannabe idealisms as real spiritual relationships. In order to avoid such mistakes and misinterpretations, one must remain as objective and unaffected as possible.

Here are some mistakes we make when believing that our relationship may in fact be a past-life relationship:

Mistake #1: Believing a Past Life Relationship Equals to Mr or Mrs Perfect

There is no cosmic rule by which relationships of past lives adhere by. They could be as good as they can be bad. Maybe you indeed are in a relationship with someone you were with in a past life, but perhaps that past relationship didn’t work out for you, so you’re attempting it again and again until you get it right.

Do not fall for the hype that every past life relationship is a perfectly, romantic-beyond-time, ideal relationship!

Mistake #2: Confusing Past Life Ties with Karma

Karma dictates what punishment or award finds us on our soul’s ascending journey. Past lives are merely past experiences with effects on the eternal “Now”. An ex that you lost in 1202 who finds you in 2012 does not necessarily mean that you or him/her are fulfilling karma.

It only verifies your soul ties. Perhaps you simply made a pledge to meet each other again or are so spiritually affiliated that your souls can’t live in a world or time line where the other doesn’t. Again, this is not “karma” or “destiny”.

So how do you actually ascertain that the person beside you is in fact someone you knew and were close to in a past life? Here are some signs that indicate such a relationship:

1)      Common Knowledge. You and your partner share common knowledge that doesn’t stem from any tangible source (books etc). This knowledge can be associated with a specific era in time.

2)      Common Memories. You and your partner seem to get flashbacks of similar places, people and experiences or have a gut feeling of something you had both experienced.

3)      Knowing Before the Relationship. Either you or your partner (or both) has seen, dreamt of or sensed the other’s presence before the other actually appeared into their lives.

4)      Spiritual AlignmentAlthough this is not to be confused with the connection between soul mates, a spiritual alignment between you and your partner that feels very familiar is usually a sign of a past life relationship.

5)      Unfinished Business. The sense of having “unfinished business” with your partner would definitely indicate a past life relationship. The eagerness and feeling of getting back together, the sense of him/her being part of your mission and the relief that derives from finally having that person in your life is what verifies your past life ties to them. 

On the whole, a past life relationship will most likely find you in your current “Now” no matter what you do. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will adapt to the same form. A husband in a previous lifetime may end up being a father in the next. A servant in a previous lifetime may end up being a lover, a sister, even a mother in the life to follow. Whatever role the soul decides to depict in each lifetime is chosen with precision by the soul itself, as is its entire journey.

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